Suspicious Activity around Marksbury – Update

It has been reported that a White VW Scirocco car has been seen cruising around Marksbury and Mollifrend lane randomly stopping outside properties with what appears to be the occupants looking at and observing the contents of peoples driveways and gardens.

Sally Collins Chair of MPC will be meeting with our local PCSO today to discuss this activity and what comes next.


Sally met with our neighbourhood PCSO Paul Thatcher.  He was provided with the car registration number(s) that have been captured on residents door bell cams and CCTV.  These were checked and none of them are associated with the vehicle, which confirms it is on false number plates.  He is going to do some further investigation.

If you see this vehicle please use our community social media platforms (MVH wottsapp group, and Marksbury Good Neighbours on facebook) to raise awareness that, whoever they are, are cruising around our village.

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