Proposed Pedestrian Traffic Island in Marksbury

Proposed Pedestrian Traffic Island

After many years of campaigning for an improved pedestrian crossing point across the A39 BANES have agreed funding for a new pedestrian island situated on the west side of Winsbury View (see attached plan).

Also included is a request for a dropped kerb on the footpath to the west side of West Tyning.

Whilst there is no confirmed date for the work to start, funding has been set aside by BANES in this years’ financial plan.

Unfortunately a zebra crossing was not feasible due to the lack of visibility for oncoming traffic.

Pedestrian Island Mar 2024

2 thoughts on “Proposed Pedestrian Traffic Island in Marksbury

  1. Avatar for council admin


    Well done Sally ,years of effort on your part

    1. Thanks Neil,

      But actually it was many years of effort on the part of everyone who has been on the Parish Council previously – and that of course includes yourself.

      On behalf of MPC – Philip Evans

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